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5 Development Trends of Outdoor Media in 2018


5 Development Trends of Outdoor Media in 2018

Since 2018, it can be foresee that some major tendencies will continues to lead the development of outdoor industry. In 2017, the proportion of outdoor media in media plans has grown steadily. According to Nelson’s newest on-line research data, average expenditure for outdoor media has grow from 5% to 7% in the media plan. Big data, digitization strategy, location and audience analysis will keep on rapidly changing the field of outdoor media and change advertisers’ plan, purchase and way to transmit creativity. Maturity of brand-new medium measuring technique and integration of digitization channel will both continue to appreciate for outdoor media, and make it an important part in the strong media plan.

  There is no doubt that the public will pay more attention to the outdoor. Based on outdoor media’s characteristics of multifunctional, creative, and adaptive, this tendency will move on for quite a long time in the future. Because of its low cost but full of creativity, digital marketing could get chances to achieve the outdoor media to a unprecedented height, by actuating online activation and increase ROI(return on investment). Ability to actuate social media involvement and characteristic of transmitting individual information through one-on-one experience, both make outdoor media one of the best partner in sound media plan. There are signs that outdoor media will grow more strongly, and stride to wider road in 2018.

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